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Injury/Minor Laceration Specialist

Future Pediatrics

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Children’s minor injuries and lacerations can be especially concerning, but with the right medical care and support, your child will soon be back on the path to optimal health. Fortunately, when minor injuries or lacerations occur, masterful pediatrician Ahmed Abo Baker Mohamed, MD, FAAP, and the health professionals of Future Pediatrics have treatments in two locations in Panama City Florida. Walk-ins are welcome or call ahead or book online for a visit. A 24/7 answering service is also available to connect you to a pediatric nurse after hours.

Injury/Minor Laceration

What are some of the most common minor pediatric injuries?

Some of the most common minor pediatric injuries are:

  • Falls
  • Burns
  • Food poisoning
  • Minor car accidents
  • Scrapes, cuts, and minor lacerations
  • Breathing difficulties and respiratory problems

Children are active and can sometimes move quickly without thinking, making them more susceptible to injury. Children also have immune systems and bones that are still developing, so they’re more vulnerable to damage, making it more important to seek medical care quickly.

How can I prevent pediatric injuries from happening?

Some injuries can’t be prevented, but there are certain steps you and your child can take to reduce the risk of injuries, such as ensuring your child wears appropriate supportive footwear and sports gear when participating in a sports game or physical activity.

You can also work on keeping your home clutter-free and well-lit, so your child has less chance of falling over or getting injured while playing in the house. The Future Pediatrics team can give you valuable information and tips on how to further prevent injury during your visit.

How are pediatric injuries treated?

The method for treating your child’s injury depends on its type, cause, and severity, along with other factors like your child’s general health. 

For example, all active bleeding can be stopped when your provider at Future Pediatrics washes the wound with a special solution, applies an antibacterial ointment to keep the wound moist, and applies direct pressure with a clean cloth or gauze over the site for around ten minutes or longer if necessary.

Future Pediatrics can treat a minor pediatric injury in various ways, such as recommending medication to relieve pain, inflammation, and swelling or using stitches, skin glue, or adhesive bandages to close a minor laceration or wound.

After treating minor pediatric injuries, the team offers ongoing visits and works with you and your child to improve your child’s health and accelerate the healing and recovery process with optimal nutrition, stress management, and other effective methods.

If your child has a minor laceration or injury, stay on the safe side and put your child first by visiting Future Pediatrics as soon as you can. Walk-ins are welcome or you can call your nearest office location or the 24/7 pediatric nurse answering service after hours.