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Physicals Specialist

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Physical exams can be as integral to your child’s wellness and preventive care as a nutrient-dense diet and a loving environment at home. Experienced pediatrician Ahmed Abo Baker Mohamed, MD, FAAP, and the health professionals of Future Pediatrics are fully aware of the benefits of physical exams and provide school and sports physicals and a range of other pediatric services in Panama City, Florida. Call or book online to schedule a physical today.


What is a physical?

Physical exams are an important part of your child’s general preventive care, and they can also be used to identify medical problems.

Physical exams are focused on evaluating and enhancing wellness. The Future Pediatrics team might recommend certain additional testing after a physical if necessary. 

The team typically recommends annual physicals for your child that involve reviewing personal and family medical histories, a physical assessment, an in-depth discussion about your child’s current health, and plenty of time for you and your child’s questions. 

Future Pediatrics offers different types of physicals, including school and sports physicals.

School physicals

Yearly physical exams are recommended for many schools, particularly for new students, to determine various factors, such as your child’s vision, hearing, and behavioral development. 

This can help schools place children in the right classes or groups or provide more specialized care or services, and more. 

School physicals might also include certain immunizations, such as those that are mandated or highly recommended by certain states and localities.

Sports physicals

Sports physicals for children are often recommended or required by some teams or schools prior to the beginning of the sports season or before your child starts a new sport. 

One of the reasons for a sports physical is to help determine whether it’s safe for your child to participate in a certain sport.

Why would my child need a physical?

The Future Pediatrics team might suggest a physical to:

  • Check for possible diseases
  • Update any necessary immunizations
  • Identify concerns that could develop into health complications in the future

Your child might also need a physical exam prior to surgery or before treatment for a medical condition.

Physicals help the Future Pediatrics team make sure your child is maintaining a healthy lifestyle with balanced optimal nutrition, regular appropriate exercise, and stress management if they’re under stress.

What does a physical involve?

A physical typically starts with a quick assessment of your child’s weight, height, and pulse, a discussion of your child’s health, and a brief inspection of your child’s body to check for any unusual marks or growths.

The team might assess your child’s abdomen and other areas of the body to check the texture, size, location, consistency, and tenderness of your child’s organs. 

The Future Pediatrics team often uses a technique called percussion — gently tapping on the body like a drum to assess organs and discover fluids.

The team also might suggest certain testing, such as blood sugar levels. They use a special medical instrument called a stethoscope to listen to certain body parts and assess how well they function, such as your child’s intestines, heart, and lungs.

To book your child’s physical exam, call Future Pediatrics or book online today.